Add New Job Openings

Adding a job opportunities page via Bay Area SAS Users Group is as easy as sending an e-mail. Another benefit of adding information online via Bay Area SAS Users Group is that it is FREE (for a limited time). There are actually two ways of adding your information:

E-mail Information

Name of Organization:

Name of Position:

Abstract of Position: (One paragraph not exceeding 200 words)

Number of Openings:

Contact Person:

Telephone, E-mail, Postal Address:

Pay Rate/Salary: (Optional)

Skills/Education Requirements: (Optional)

Number of Years: (Optional)

Expertise: (Optional)

Operating Systems: (Optional)


E-mail the information to Thomas Leung ( This is meant as a guideline. If you have an existing advertisement which is close to this format, that can be used instead.

Submitting URL Address

If you already have your own home page, e-mail the proper URL address to Thomas Leung ( An example address may be: