JGB BioPharma Consulting Inc. - Associate Director Statistical Programming


Associate Director Statistical Programming

JGB BioPharma Consulting

San Francisco Bay Area, California

Contact Person:
Sage St. Clair

Phone, Email, Postal Address:
(650) 627-7652

How to Apply:
Email: sstclair@jgbbiopharma.com

# of Openings: 1


  • – Will be the study lead, focusing on data integrity and producing on-time deliverables.
  • – Manage and oversee full time employees, contractors, and CROs.
  • – Process clinical data required for statistical analysis.
  • – Develop SAS code and table templates for clinical data.
  • – Create project timelines and perform statistical analyses.
  • – Support the production of summary tables, data listings and graphs required for trial report and clinical development, and Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium data sets for regulatory submission.
  • – Manage project programming activities to guarantee the timely delivery of tables and data listings.
  • – Provide guidance and QC/QA standards to ensure quality of deliverables.


  • – A bachelor’s degree in stats or math with minimum 10 years in pharma/biotech industries or a master’s degree with at least 8 years in statistics/computer science.
  • – Minimum 3 years of experience in managing full time employees, FSPs, and clinical research organizations.
  • – Minimum of 2 years experience working with clinical research organizations.
  • – Experience with NDA/BLA submissions or large Phase 3 programs.
  • – Strong leadership skills.
  • – Strong communication skills, and ability to discuss programming topics.

Date Posted: 8-8-2019