JGB BioPharma Consulting (Statistical Programmer)


Statistical Programmer

JGB BioPharma Consulting

San Francisco Bay Area, California

Contact Person:
Sage St. Clair

Phone, Email, Postal Address:
(650) 627-7652

How to Apply:
Email: sstclair@jgbbiopharma.com

# of Openings: 1

Abstract and Responsibilities:

  • – Focus on analyzing and presenting data with the goal of improving clinical care and thereby patient care, and decreasing costs.
  • – Helps to draw conclusions from data that affects decisions such as clinical treatment plans.
  • – Outlines Pros and Cons based on data analysis.
  • – Help design clinical trials in terms of sample size and design.
  • – Prepares statistical analysis plan for use.
  • – Ensures data is of high quality through verification and documentation.
  • – Interact with lead physician on determine study objectives.
  • – Create reports, manuscripts, tables. listings, files and data summaries within required timelines.
  • – Present data to stakeholders.

Expertise: SAS /SQL


  • – Masters degree in statistics or math.
  • – 2 or more years experience working for a healthcare facility or pharma, medical device/ diagnostics company; or a healthcare related consulting company.
  • – Experience working with databases such as SQL server for clinical data and relational databases.
  • – Able to program in SAS and complete data merges.
  • – Able to design and analyze clinical data.
  • – Strong data analysis skills.
  • – Able to present results of analysis to team members of various organizational levels and functions.
  • – Able to work independently and part of a team.

Date Posted: 2-19-2019