Research Analyst


Research Analyst

Family Health Outcomes Project, University of California San Francisco

Work remotely

Contact Person:
Linda Remy, PhD, Research Director

Phone, Email, Postal Address:
(415) 435-5439

# of Openings: 1

How to Apply:

Applications must be made through the UCSF BrassRing site:


Working remotely, the Research Analyst applies skills as a seasoned, experienced research professional with a full understanding of in-depth data restructuring, data linkage, and longitudinal research methods using SAS. Most work is in the data step and related activities. Demonstrates excellent judgment in selecting methods and techniques for obtaining solutions. The Research Analyst works on developing computational methods and macro-based software to facilitate data management, analysis, and reporting assignments for studies focusing primarily on health and well-being of infants, children, adolescents, and reproductive age adults.


The Research Analyst duties involve overseeing longitudinal data of various types and complexity, reading files into SAS, implementing or developing methods to link cases within and across datasets to maintain case selection and longitudinal consistency, construct variables, and undertake statistical analysis using methods appropriate for longitudinal research. Develops macros to prepare tables, charts, graphs, maps, reports, and other visual and written aids to interpret and communicate data and results. Exercises judgment under supervision of the Research Director to select methods and techniques for obtaining solutions.

Pay Rate / Salary:
Within the UCSF range for the Computational and Daa Scientist Research Specialist 3 position.

Skills / Education Requirements:

Skills and education requirements are available at the UCSF Brass Ring link.


Advanced skills and demonstrated experience using advanced techniques with SAS to manage data and link records, within files and across files, all with longitudinal components to manage. Experience writing and maintaining SAS macros to manage, restructure, classify, report, map, and graph longitudinal data. Proven skills and experience in independently resolving computing/data problems in SAS using intermediate or advanced principles. Excellent skills to communicate complex information in a clear and concise manner verbally, visually, and in writing.

Operating Systems:
Windows 10


Qualifications are described at the UCSF Brass Ring link:

Date Posted: 1-26-2021